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“Deeply rooted in blues and country, Howard & Skye are masters at transforming feelings into songs…” – Lambert Smits, Keys and Chords

Resounding with a melodic blend of country, folk, blues and pop, Arkansas River Valley songwriter, lyricist and singer Blueflower Skye’s songs draw listeners in with stories of loss and personal strife. Her words, conveyed through veils of metaphor and symbolism, ring with a vulnerable sentiment in the songs that she writes.

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As a member of roots music duo Howard & Skye, Blueflower’s songs “Pretty Weed,” “Nowhere” and “Deep,” and co-writes “Big Joe” and “Shivered Pine” with her partner, songwriter Jonathan Howard, comprise her contribution to their 2016 debut album Milkweed. Their work received welcoming reviews and airplay throughout Europe and North America, and placed on the AMA charts from October 2016 – February 2017.

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Jonathan Howard, Blueflower Skye. Photo courtesy ©Kim Yarbrough


Born in Japan, Skye path towards songwriting was long and meandering. Skye learned English as a young child in Biloxi, Mississippi, subsequently absorbing the regional cultures of the South, the Midwest and Hawaii as a military brat.

Over the years, Skye learned piano and percussion, but found herself wanting something more satisfying when it came to music. In 2012, Skye came across Kent Finlay’s Wednesday night Songwriters Circle at Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, Texas, and her repeated visits there sparked her interest in writing music.

Two years later, Skye had a collection of songs and joined forces with Austin, Texas songwriter Jonathan Howard as roots music duo Howard & Skye. In 2016 they self-produced and released their AMA-charting debut album Milkweed.

Currently based in the River Valley Region of Arkansas after leaving Austin, Skye is presently working with Jonathan Howard on their second album and her first solo CD.

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Pretty Weed LYRICS Copyright 2016 Blueflower Skye

Big Joe LYRICS Copyright 2016 Jonathan Howard and Blueflower Skye

Nowhere LYRICS copyright 2016 Blueflower Skye

Deep LYRICS Copyright 2016 Blueflower Skye




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